Ajodun Awon India! Ohun Ara nbo wa si Ilu Eko

FESTIVAL OF INDIA! Th­e next big thing in L­agos


Ajodun yi ni Awon Omo orile Ede India ti won wa ni orile ede Naijiria ni  ilu Eko, eyi ti Gaura­pad Charities, MTN, Z­ee World ati atileyin Ijoba ipinle Eko Lati mu Bollywood a­ti Nollywood, ati awon ogbontarigi awon Olorin, onijo, awon alara Lai ti so awon Agba oseere lati India ni ojo Ketala Osu Kejo Odun 2016 ni ago mews ours.
Bolaji Rosiji, Aare teleri  fun egbe Perf­orming Musician Assoc­iation of Nigeria (PM­AN) ati Alaba fun igbimo Ajodun India-Lagos so wipe “­Anup Jalota Lati India, eleyi ti o ti gba orisirisi ami eyee yio wa fun Ajodun yi pelu awon akegbe re-“anyone w­ho has heard his Tabla drum player know it ­sounds just like thun­der!


This­ ­Festival of India­ ­– Lagos­ begins with the Char­iots parade, from CMS­ accompanied by India­n and Nigerian cultur­al troupes to arrive ­at Tafawa Balewa Square,­ Lagos where there wi­ll be an Internationa­l Fair, Indo-Nigerian­ Cultural exhibitions­ and Stage performanc­es.
Tickets are available­ in all Tasty Fried C­hicken Outlets, Slot phones Outlets, Ebean­o Supermarkets in Lag­os or online on http://www.festivalofindiang­.com.­


Davido, Pasuma,Anup Jalota, Ara, Yuvika Chaudhary Tee Mac, Ras Kimono, Sammie Okposo fun Festival of India Lagos


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Gbaju gbaja Olorin bi Davido, olorin Fuji, Alabi Pasuma, Olorin emi ni, Sammie Okposo, olorin lati orile ede India, Anup Jalota ati Yuvika Chaudhary, oni fere ni, Tee Mac, ati olorin reggea, Ras Kimono ma wa ni ibi Festival of India Lagos ni August 13.

Awon olorin jankan jankan lati orile ede America, Vaiyasaki Das ati  Agnideva ati awon obinrin onilu, Ara.

Eti ri nkan kan rara, nitori wipe, awon enia lati orile ede bi, America, China, Durban, UK ati bebe be lo..
Laisi ani ani, Festival of India Lagos ni Tafawa Balewa Square, TBS, Onikan ni ilu Eko Lagos lorile ede Nigeria.
E ra  TICKET yin bayii…
”The festival will bring to the fore the efforts by the Lagos State Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture and its counterparts in Lagos State to turn the city into a tourist haven and generate income for the country” Chairman Organizing Committee Bolaji Rosiji said.  

“E fun awa Afin(Albino) ni aaye Lati Fi Ebun wa Han”Stop discriminating in Entertainment Industry – Actress Ada Ossai


O je Ogbe  Okan fun Oseere Onitiata Yoruba kan, Ada Ossai pe, ni inu awon Ise ti won nse, ko si Ibi ti won ti fun Afin (Albino) ni ere ti o Dara ri, afi ki won so won di apanilerin.

Ada Ossai ti o je Afin (Albino) ati agbanuso fun awon Albino to wan ni oriel edge Naijiria rawo ebe pe, ki won am loo awon Afin fun igbolowo Oja, ki won ran awon na Lowo Latin Le be gbe pe.

Iroyin naa ni lede  geese:

English Version…..

Fast Rising actress, Ada Ossai decries high level of discrimination in entertainment Industry: “We Albinos are human beings like you”

Fast rising Nollywood actress, Ada Ossai, a member of the The Golden Movie Ambassadors of Nigeria and voice for the Albinos in a chat with Justpyenews said that, although people with albinism usually face discrimination in different forms, in the society, but the most difficult one is in entertainment industry where she belong, lamenting that some cannot secure jobs and employment even for positions they are qualified for.
Ada said, “We hear that people say that albinos find it difficult to get employment even when you are qualified for that position, it will be given to another person that is not an albino In entertainment industry, we have not seen an albino on billboard, in movies and other things that normal skin colored benefitting everyday”.
Majority of men and women with albinism feel that they are the butt of rude jokes. They complain of being taunted in the community. They opined that taunting makes them feel unsafe and inferior. “They make offensive jokes which can be annoying, especially in the community. They also laugh at us sometimes when they see us approaching. We see how their countenance changes whenever they see us coming and how they always refer to us”.
Ada noted that people with albinism in Nigeria endure a lot of daily social challenges, but they feel affected the most by the mockery and name-calling. She pointed out that the colour of their hair and skin is the reason why they are treated differently in the society.
Nigeria is estimated to have one of the highest albinism prevalence rates in the world, which is about 6 million. Children constitute about 40% of this population, spread across all the states in Nigeria. But despite this number, many persons with albinism living in Nigeria are either illiterate or poorly educated, mainly because of low vision impairment, discrimination and social exclusion, as a result of their skin colour.
Albinism is simply a recessive gene. By being recessive it is dominant in both male and female. It is an absent of melanin pigment, a chemical substance responsible for colouration. It is estimated that about one in 70 people carry a recessive gene for albinism and about I in every 18,000 people in the world have albinism condition.
For movie industry, the fast rising actress Amb. Ada Ossai urges filmmakers and other stakeholders to give albinos opportunity to showcase their talents, seeing them in movies, adverts and other aspect of the entertainment industry.
“I went to LASPOTECH recently and I saw a female albino aspiring to be a mass communicator”.
We don’t have albinos in broadcasting, I think it’s not fair cause we have talented young albinos aspiring to be presenters” she said.

Femi Solar ati Mega 99 Abel Dosumu gbe orin jade

 Pelu Awo Orin titun ti o n bo lona, Femi Solar ti n gbaradi lati se awon naa sita, fun awon ololufe re.
Omoba Abel Dosumu ti inagi re je Mega 99  ti darapo mo Femi lati ko orin jade, eleyi ti yio wa ninu awo orin titun naa. Awon iko, Justpye se alaba pade awon gbajugbaja olorin yii ni Ilu Ibadan.

Aso fun yin tele pe, Femi ma se ifilole awo orin titun jade All White Album launch ati sise studio re ni ilu ibadan..